• Coping whole sections to current and existing experiments is now possible- you can select desired sections from experiments and protocols and place them into the experiment of your choice. For more information click here

  • New in stocks pages, you can now send tasks to a colleague from a stock show page as well as from the dashboard or from your research pages.


  • A “forgot password” link is now available on the password renewal page

  • In account List Of Values (LOVs), a multiple select option was added. For more information click here.


  • Partial delivery in the shopping list is now available as part of the 'Mark As Arrived' flow.

Partial delivery
  • When a protocol has samples, a notification will be shown when starting a new experiment if any of the samples specified in the protocol do not have enough stock available to complete it.


  • It is now possible to add new data to an existing dataset!
    The data can be added directly to an existing dataset by uploading an XLSX file to dataset page or by attaching an XLSX file to the experiment page.

    Click here for more information

  • You can now set box permissions for other members and teams. The permissions apply to the box and it contained stocks.

  • New in collections- admin user can create pre-defined List-Of-Values (LOVs) which can be used in multiple locations in your Labguru account.

    This can save you the time and trouble of setting and maintaining this list in multiple locations.

    For more information click here.

  • Checkout our shopping list's new look:

  • Stock aliquoting- you can now aliquot a stock to up to 10,000 aliquots in one action.


  • Labguru's new Lock format feature enables you to define a protocol format as locked, allowing you to record information and data on the experiment page while maintaining the original format set up in the protocol.

    When starting an experiment from a protocol with a locked format, a section or element introduced to the protocol cannot be removed.

  • A new type for stocks was introduced into Labguru - "Culture box" , can be found and used to represent container type for a stock.

  • API Webhooks - it is now possible to have Webhooks on vectors and samples, allowing to create workflows that are triggered by action such as: destroy, update, and create vector. To learn more click here.

  • Set Max input length for insert text field in form element.


  • Our new spreadsheet element is here!

    We improved the spreadsheet appearance and added a wide variety of Excel-like functions such as Number formatting, graphs and charts, sort & filter options, formula bar and many more. You are welcome to learn more here.

  • You can now set a Custom Signature Process onto a project.

    Admin users can create custom-made signature flows for projects, which will be passed down to experiments within the project.
    When a signature flow is applied to a project, only members that were defined in that flow will have the option to witness project-related experiments (even if their role does not include the 'Can witness' privilege).

    Signature flows can be customized on the ‘Signature Process’ tab in account settings page

  • New! email notification for an email address change and for password change

  • The possibility to filter the shopping list by catalog number was added

  • Stocks quick search- the ability to search for a stock by it's ID number was added to the quick search in the socks index page

  • Account settings- check out our new Role management page design and structure. Now it is easier to define the privileges and permissions for each role in the account.

    You can find here more information about Account Roles and Privileges.


  • Sample element -Consume all stocks button is introduced

  • Equipment events now have a setting for preventing concurrent events via account settings, under the 'General' tab. Scheduling simultaneous events for equipment will not be possible once turned on, this setting will affect all instruments in the account.


  • The possibility to change the appearance preferences for the navigation menu was added-

    Preferences settings: User profile menu -> My Profile

    Opening possibilities: Mouse toggle or mouse click

  • API webhooks - Information added for inventory item update (old value, new value, updated at). See the video below for an example-


  • Several global search enhancements are in!

    • The global search will now prioritize results owned by the user that did the search

    • Archived items will receive a lower prioritization, in addition, an “Archived” label will be attached to those items

    • It’s here! Filtration by two new filters is now available on the search results page, it is possible to filter by 'Updated at' and by owner

      check it out😊

  • Datasets - offering a new option to set viewing permission per dataset, use

    Visible to icon to set members with viewing permission

  • Samples element - Stock expiry date is now added to the stock columns within the sample element

  • Print PDF - a new option to create page breaks at desired locations within sections between elements, these are editable and flexible. When printing a pdf you can see their impact, adjusting is a matter of drag and drop. The addition of page breaks is through the more menu available in each section, deleting one is easy just look for the bin icon next to the dotted line


  • It is now possible to archive inventory items

  • We added double confirmation when deleting a row in a form table

  • Light blue background color was added to highlighted empty input fields in Forms



  • It is now possible to select equipment type in the form input fields to specify the selection in that field to an instrument of a certain type

  • A new form input allows triggering an automation sequence using the Workflow Editor

  • The date range function now allows setting an absolute date

  • A new option in the PDF printout allows adding/remove tags


  • Gantt chart in SOP - it is now possible to design the SOP structure by ordering the protocols and creating dependencies.

  • It is now possible to choose a sample color in the sample element, if those samples will be added to a plate, the colors will propagate to it.


  • New "swaggered" Labguru API docs page is now available, with the new design and structure, it is easier to find endpoints and with the "Try it out" function it is now possible to test the requests on the page.

  • A significant upgrade was done to the roles and privileges functionality - you are welcome to learn more here


  • When aliquoting a stock the value in the LOT number will be passed to the aliquots.

  • From now a QR code in addition to the barcode can be scanned to add a stock to an experiment/sample basket

  • The ID number can be used to find an inventory item or an ELN entry in the linked resources or the Global search.


  • If you are using multiple workspaces from now links generated from within Labguru (such as comments send by email) will forward to the relevant workspace.

  • Box printouts will show the full storage path.


  • New shopping list triggers were added to the work flow editor


  • Stocks index page includes more filtering options

  • Stocks can be added to the sample basket from stocks index page and from box page allowing the addition of multiple stocks at once, without having to add items.

  • In sample element in protocols, properties can be added to samples. When creating experiment from the protocol all properties will be copied.

  • Events created from date range elements in experiments appear in the project calendar


  • New dedicated code element is now available in the More menu of the section


  • New text and spreadsheet elements can be added to a section from the section title menu, without going into the 'More' menu.


  • New feature - aliquots - allows to easily create sub stocks, calculate volumes and link to the original stock. New API endpoints added as well.


  • Toggle to new beta design of the app was added


  • The project Gantt chart can be exported as an image


  • Experiments, documents and protocols can be now exported to Word


  • Bug fixes


  • New table design implement in the datasets index allowing more sorting/filtering tools.

  • Added an option to search/filter by the description column in collection pages


  • When starting a new experiment, in the folder selection, the last folder used will be suggested.

  • New API endpoint - mark task as completed


  • In the select stock window it is now possible to view long values on hover


  • A new option allows to add attached HTML files to be viewed directly on ELN pages


  • From now all events that the user was invited to will appear in his calendar (without the need to add the event owner's calendar).


  • The audit trail page is now available for admins from the account drop down menu


  • It is possible now to add read-only custom fields to any of the collections, those fields can be updated from the API only (see checkbox in the screenshot)

  • The column search filters will search by default with the 'contains' setting


  • 2 new custom field types are available - date+time and longtext


  • In the project Gantt chart the name of the experiment/folder owner is now seen, project owner can also change (reassign) the item directly by clicking on the owner name.

  • In the API: it is now possible to get all derived items of an inventory item


  • Moved the reports index and all the collections to the new table design allowing more filters and options

  • Account (workspace) ID was added to the API authenticate request - when an account specific token is required. In addition, new endpoint was added to allow update of form element.

  • Tag search is now case insensitive to avoid duplicate tags


  • Moved all collection tables to the new design (previously enabled with the beta toggle) with a new filters rows


  • In the equipment calendar - event notifications now can be sent to specific users


  • In the scheduler it is now possible to find the next available time slot by equipment type automatically

  • Bulk deletions over 100 items will be done as a background process


  • Experiments and protocols tab (item pages) was separated into 2 tabs and a new table design was applied.

  • Added attachment name in the shopping list


  • A new add-on feature - Labguru Dashboards, built/design custom dashboards to get insights from Labguru data.

  • New column in the audit trail that shows the change that was made

  • The name of the steps element can be changed


  • New feature - move multiple stocks by scanning, using a scanner you can now move stocks from one storage location to another, all can be done in the sample basket window.


  • The Inventory collections list is now sorted by alphabetical order by default


  • New Feature - Stock History tab - on the stock page there is a new tab called "History". This tab will show all actions done for the specific stock since it's creation.


  • New feature - SDF mapping - now when compounds are imported via an SDF file, fields mapping window will appear as the first step of the import process. All the data fields in the file will show and can be further allocated to existing/new fields in the Labguru collection.


  • The text editor was updated to the newest version

  • Equipment was added to the form fields selection

  • In the API: new endpoints - Add tag, Remove tag from item


  • New feature - department accounts can be now created from the server report -adding very fast delivery time for this setup


  • An experiment preview is now available on the project overview page > progress tab, it is shown on hover over the i icon.

  • Edit stock window now allows to change the stock position in the box


  • Full structure search is now available in the compounds collection

  • Bulk-mark tasks as completed from the tasks index page was now added to the tasks index page


  • New API endpoints:

1. Elements - now it is possible to add elements to sections - equipment, sample, spreadsheet, plate, steps and text elements

2. Api Controller - Webhooks - it is now possible to create a webhook subscription

  • In the scheduler it is now possible to view the schedule for 2 weeks in advance

  • Experiment start date now includes also a time picker

  • The billing page now shows the subscription information


  • Fixes and enhancements to the new index table design - main new additions to the collections index tables: in-line editing, clear filters, horizontal scrolling.

  • New API endpoint - Manifest, it will return a list (JSON) of the objects that were updated today (since 00:00 of the day when the request is done).
    The path under "export_path" in the manifest can be used to save the pdf and maintain a backup directory.


  • Fixes and performance improvements


  • In the scheduler, a new function was added that allows the user to find the next available time slot for the equipment.

  • In the API - form element data is now part of the JSON


  • The option to unsubscribe from a stock alert was added


  • Experiment ID number was added next to the title


  • New design for the protocols index page

  • The Workflow editor can now run C# scripts and a new code templates feature was added


  • The API documentation has been updated-

The Events module was added with the following requests:

Add an event, Add event to equipment

Delete event

Get event by id

List all events

Update event



  • New design for the tasks index page that allows better filtering/viewing options


  • A new feature in the equipment module that allows to create equipment schedules.


  • Updates to the compounds module  


  • New design for the equipment search results when adding to an experiment


  • Auto-populated tables in form elements - a new option in the ‘Collection’ input field menu to add auto-populated table with columns for each collection field the user wants to display in the form element.


  • Added an option to add a new vector of data (row) to an existing dataset via the API


  • New design for the global search results page

  • Workflow editor - bug fixes, new step "Create Dataset"

  • Form table - Add multiple rows, delete a row

  • Equipment module: added feature - add task


  • Bug fixes

  • Upgrade to the chemistry module


  • Updated the EasyEdit app

  • A new feature: setting time range. This feature allows to plan experiments by setting a time and duration for sections


  • The WorkFlow editor was updated: a new step was added that allows to run Ruby or Python scripts, a new step to create tasks, new periodic trigger, UI changes.


  • Updated the EasyEdit app

  • New feature - maintenance sharing and synchronization among accounts with a department link 

  • New feature - LabelWizard for equipment 

  • New design for the import summary page

  • New feature - an option to copy sections from signed/witnessed experiments to reports

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