Introducing a new and improved view for collections page in Labguru, that supports improved filtering, sorting and customizing options.

Customize the table view- by clicking on the 3 dots icon next to each field you can choose the columns you want to display on-page. Your settings will be automatically saved for future visits, allowing you to create your own preferred display for the page.

Sort- In the new page, each column can be sorted separately. To sort a field just click on the field title to sort ascending, and then click again to sort descending. Alternatively, you can choose the desired field and click on the three dots icon next to it to perform your sorting.

Filter- In the new page, each column can be filtered separately and combined with other field filters. Choose the desired field, and write the term with which you want to filter in the search box, under the field title. By merging several "column filters" together you now can create many new filtering combinations.

In addition, you can choose different filtering categories by clicking on the funnel icon and choosing your filtering option.

Clear all filters- You can also clear all filters and sortings you have set to a page at once, by clicking on the cog icon on the upper right corner of the page and click on "Clear all filters/sortings"

Inline edit- In every item row there is an edit button that allows you to change the item's information directly from the table view.

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