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Schedule Equipment in Advance and Link to Events in your Calendar
Schedule Equipment in Advance and Link to Events in your Calendar

With the schedules function in Labguru, you can schedule multiple instruments in parallel, in accordance to you project's timeline

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Scheduling multiple instruments in parallel now becomes easy. Labguru Schedules feature enables you to find available equipment and plan ahead your equipments' events for multiple instruments on the same page.

On the equipment index page, click on the cog icon, and go to "Schedules".

To create a new schedule click on "New schedule".

You can name the schedule and add a description to it.

To schedule instruments, go to "select assets". You can choose as many instruments as you need.
If an instrument is taken in one of the dates, you would see the event in the equipment's calendar.

To schedule an event, double-click on the relevant date, next to the instrument of interest. A window will pop open with the option to fill the name of the event and the dates on which you would want the schedule the equipment.

In the Calendar view you'll see the events that you have scheduled, and the ones others scheduled.

To automatically find the next available time slot you can use the "Find next available time"

Choose the equipment name and the desired time slot duration in days.

The next window will show you the next available time (Start to End date) and an option to directly create the event.

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