Create protocols and convert them into form-like experiments, allowing members to interact with the form object but not edit.  

How to create a Form element:

1. Access one of your protocols --> Click on any section to activate the editing mode --> Go to the 'More' menu --> Choose  'Add form':

2. Start building your template by adding new form objects from the text editor toolbar by clicking on the round circle button at the right and click Insert.

The form objets can be inserted anywhere within the element.

The form objects you can add are: 


Simple Text input-  Format the text entered in this text area. You can optionally add a reference to let the users know what should be written in that field.

Numbers only input-  Only numbers can be added to this field. It’s possible to add a reference to let the user know what should be written.

Paragraph input- Add longer text than the simple object. You can optionally add an annotation to let the users know what should be written in that field.

Collection input- Add any collection created in your inventory to add a specific item to the form template

Checkbox- Add a checkbox to allow users the option to select from a list or verify a step.Many options can be checked in parallel.

 Radio button- Add buttons under the same group name to create a list of options where only one can be selected.

Select box- Create a pre-defined list for users to select one the options.

Date Picker-  Brings up a mini calendar.

Time Picker- Add the time.

Member input- Add any of the members of your account to the form template

Having designed your form element, you can start using it in your experiments. All the text within the element will be locked to prevent editing, except for the form objects added to be filled. 

Form example:

For more information, see this video.

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