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Account Roles and Privileges
Account Roles and Privileges

Create and edit account roles and assign them privileges

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Roles indicate the user's permissions in the LabGuru platform, what they can and cannot perform.

The Account Owner and Admins can access the account Settings and assign roles and their privileges. These privileges specify the permissions the users will have when using Labguru.

Creating a new role in Labguru

1. At the top right corner of the page click the lab account name and click on Settings.

2. In the Account Settings screen go to the Role Management tab.

3. If you wish to create a New role, click on Add new role and a new line will appear at the bottom of the role list.

4. assign privileges in the role line, according to the privileges you wish to grant that role:

To learn about privileges in the ELN and Shopping List modules click here
To learn about privileges in the inventory, storage and equipment modules click here

Assigning roles to users

1. At the top right corner of the page click the lab account name and click on Members.

2. Click on the member you wish to add the new role to (to add a new member see How to Add and Lock a Member).

3. In the member's info page click on Edit under the member's role.

4. In the Edit Member screen, under the Role field, click on the field and select the relevant role from the list.

Note: this is a required field, indicated by the red asterisk next to the field name.


  • Each role can be assigned several privileges

  • Roles can be deleted if they are not used

  • When inviting a member or editing an existing member profile, the role specification is required

The Privileges are

Account owner - It is set automatically when opening the account (cannot be modified by users). The owner is able to edit all data and see all updates of the account and receives the account data export file.
Admin - Can manage the account, invite/lock members, edit inventory settings, and edit all account data. In addition, they are granted with 'sign and witness', and approve orders privileges.
Can approve orders - Can approve orders in the shopping list
Can witness - This is a standard user with the ability to witness others' experiments, protocols, and SOPs.

Standard user (all added permission unchecked) - Relevant for most users. Allows creation of ELN records, editing, and creation of items in all modules, deletion of only his own items in the inventory.

Read Only - does not allow to addition or editing of any data.

For more information about the Inventory and equipment module permissions read here

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