How to create your account own List of Values (LOV's)
Setting up and manage global List of Values (LOV's) for your Labguru account
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A List of Values (LOV's) is a list of several parameters that can be used in multiple locations in your Labguru account. Account LOV's can be created once and then used in any collection you might need. This can save you the time and trouble of setting and maintaining this list in multiple locations.

You create the list once, as a new LOV in the account's settings, and later add that list to any collection needed. When you need to update the list (adding or removing values), you go back to the LOV's menu, update the relevant LOV, and the change will be applied in all the locations using the LOV.

How to create a new Account LOV

  1. Only members with 'Can Admin System' permission can create and update Account-level LOV's

  2. Go to the account's setting page, and look for the 'Advanced' tab

  3. Click on 'New LOV'

  4. Fill in the LOV name, description (optional) and the list of values

  5. Click Save

A new LOV will be added to your account. Note that you can add multiple LOV's!

How to use Account LOVs in inventory collections

  1. After a LOV was created, admin members can add it to any collection as a custom field

  2. Go to the customization page of the relevant collection

  3. Click on 'Add new custom field'

  4. In 'Field type' select Account LOV's

  5. A new field will be opened to allow to select which LOV to use, select the relevant for your case

  6. Fill in the rest of the information of the new custom field as needed, and save

Now, when users create new items in that collection, the new custom field will allow them to select from the LOV defined in the account's settings

Updating Account LOV's

After setting up Account LOV's, they can also be updated. You can edit its name and description, or add/remove values from the list.

Important - When removing values from an LOV, if the LOV is used in a collection and there are already items assigned to that value, that value will not be removed from the item, but only removed from the list, preventing assigned it to new items that will be created in the collection. Previously used values can be seen in the LOV's menu in the 'Inactive values' column

In addition, in cases where multiple values selection was allowed and a LOV was created in the account, you will not be able to change the multiple values selection option.

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