The spreadsheet element of the ELN offers the basic excel functions together with exclusive advanced options. 

To add a spreadsheet element to your experiments and protocols, use the 'More' menu in any section then 'Add spreadsheet': 

Spreadsheet functions

1. Toolbar

The main toolbar contains familiar text and table editing tools. 


Format, for text wrapping or choosing the number of decimals to display 

Conditional formatting to easily visualize patterns, When having a well populated data-sheet

2. Sheet setup menu

The sheet setup menu offers basics sheet settings like personalising the name of your sheet, the dimensions, etc.
The zoom option helps you to print large sheets in one page without cuts. 

NOTE: The Protect sheet option can only be enabled from the protocol's page.
It locks the entire element from being edited when the user add the protocol to an experiment .
 There is also an option to protect specific cells within the element or leave some cells editable after protecting the whole element:

3. Formulas

Functions and formulas can be used in the table in the same way as in excel.
When you input a formula, the spreadsheet provides a formula list that displays the function description. Once the formula list is displayed, press the Tab key to automatically complete the formula name.

Find here a list of all available formulas you can use.

4. General options

       4.1 Export - Save a copy of the spreadsheet to a .CSV file or a PDF document.

      4.2 - Adjust the number of rows to view on the page by dragging with your mouse via the arrows icon on the bottom of the spreadsheet.

      4.3 - Filter, sort cells and Insert comments by clicking on the desired cells:

       4.4 - Add a new sheet but clicking on the + icon 

To see the full documentation from our third party - click here.

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