General terms:

User - Is a member in Labguru workspace/account. A user can be part of more than one account under the same organization. A user that is part of several workspaces/accounts can toggle between them. The same user can be assigned with different roles and privileges in each of the workspaces.

Team - Is an assembly of several users within the account. A team can be granted viewing and editing permissions in the ELN at once instead of granting individually.

Workspace - Defined as one account and can reflect, for example, one independent laboratory under the organization. An organization (University of X) can have several accounts (Chemistry lab, Biology lab, etc.). Each account/workspace will have its own ELN, inventory, sample list, instruments, etc.

Department account - Organizations that have multiple accounts can share common equipment and protocols using a Department Account in order to share this data across the different labs.

Modules terms:

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