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Sharing equipment among workspaces

Share equipment info and schedule among several workspaces (Labguru accounts)

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The department workspace provides the ability to share equipment, calendar and maintenance information among Labguru accounts.

This tool is built to provide an option to use shared equipment such as in a departmental equipment unit.

How to share?

First, your account needs to be linked to a departmental workspace (contact support if you require information on this setup) 

  1. Click on the ‘Share’ option

  2. The equipment will now appear in the departmental workspace, including all information and attachments related to it. An option to un-share will appear after clicking share.

How to subscribe?

A user can switch to the departmental workspace and subscribe to the equipment, copying it's data to their account. The subscription will also sync the calendar and the maintenance information among all accounts that had subscribed to it, such that if an event was created in this equipment's calendar it will be seen in all accounts that subscribed to it.

To schedule a time slot for the shared equipment, go to the equipment’s calendar and choose your time slot for using this equipment. Events of other subscribers should be seen on the calendar as well.
The user that subscribed to the equipment cannot create maintenance events for the subscribed equipment. Using perform to document the maintenance event is possible only in the equipment origin lab.

On the equipment index page a new column will become available, the column titled 'Sharing' will show if the equipment is shared or from which worksapce it is copied. 

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