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Inventory, storage, and equipment permissions
Inventory, storage, and equipment permissions

Now it's possible to grant also permissions in the inventory, storage and equipment modules.

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Permissions Overview

In the inventory, storage, and equipment there are five levels of permissions:

  • ‘No access’ prevents the user from seeing any page that is related to the module he has no access.

  • View’ permission: allows the user to view all pages in the module he has access to. In addition, the user will have the ability to perform actions that are related to day-to-day activities in the lab such as: creating/editing stocks, boxes, and plates, performing maintenance events, and exporting information (actions are depending on the modules the user has permission to).

  • Edit’ permissions: are for a user who should be able to generate high-level information that is related to the setup of each module, for example, creating/editing items, equipment, and storage locations.

  • Delete’ permission: is similar to the ‘Edit’ permission but with the added ability to delete entities in the module the user has access to.

  • Admin’ is the highest permission level which grants the user customization abilities such as customizing collections, stocks, label templates, maintenance types, and maintenance templates

Privileges by permission

Inventory and Storage


Role suggestions

System Admin

When a user is the account owner or assigned with ‘Admin’ privilege, he will automatically be an admin in all modules and will have full access to settings and role management.

It is recommended to have at least one "Admin" on your team with full access to every available permission who will be responsible for controlling the permissions of other members.

Note that Account owner is the highest level of permissions that allows few additional actions such as enabling/disabling project sharing, repository sharing, and support access.

Lab Manager

Lab Manager should have full access to all functions in the inventory module such as creating, editing, and deleting items along with collection customization abilities. Therefore, he should be assigned admin permission for the inventory module.

Equipment Manager
Admin access to the equipment module can be suitable for a user who is responsible for managing all laboratory equipment including preventative maintenance and calibrations. The equipment manager will be able to create, edit and delete equipment as well as create maintenance types and templates.ֿ

Project Manager
A member who oversees the laboratory activities should have permissions that will allow him access to create/edit entities such as items, equipment, and storage locations. These actions will be possible by granting the user with ‘Edit’ permission in the inventory, storage, and equipment modules. Another possibility is granting the user with ‘Delete’ permission, which will add the ability to delete entities.

Scientist / Analyst
Members who perform day-to-day activities should have a more limited set of permissions. With ‘View’ permission in the inventory, storage, and equipment modules the user will be able to perform actions on stocks, plates, and boxes as well as add items to the shopping list, mark items as arrived, print labels, create events, performing maintenance events, exporting information and more.

When a user is assigned with ‘Read only’ privilege, he will automatically have 'view' permissions in the inventory and equipment modules. In the ELN module, the user will see ELN pages without the ability to perform actions.

Guru Tips:

  • A user can have different permission levels for each module (for example a user can be an admin in the inventory module but have no permissions in the equipment module)

  • Shopping list permissions ("Can approve orders") remain unchanged

  • ELN permissions ("Can witness") remain unchanged

  • Inventory permissions also affect the ability to use the sample/plate/reaction elements in the ELN pages:

    No permissions’ enables viewing these elements but not creating or editing existing ones.

    View’ permissions enables creating sample and plate elements but not new inventory items or compound/reaction elements.

    Edit’/’Delete’/’Admin’ permissions enables using and editing of all elements

  • Users with 'Edit' permissions will not be able to delete their own items

  • There is no need to assign a member as general admin of the account just to allow actions such as customizing collections, labels, or maintenance events as this can be achieved by granting the user permissions for the required module

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