How to Customize your Collection

How-to guide on customizing an inventory collection

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Before importing a collection, make sure to customize your collection (available for admins only)

1. Go to the collection page

2. Click on the 3 dots and select Customize (available for admins only).

3. In the Customize field page we can specify which fields will characterize the items in the collection, and will appear later in the import template or item's info page.

* Different inventory types may include different types of fields that can be added to the template. The fields are divided into different sections, depending on the inventory type:

  • Select the columns that will be displayed in the template.

  • Add Custom Fields

  • Derived Collections

  • Parent Collection

  • Chemical Properties (relevant for the Compounds collection only)

4. In every section select or add the desired fields.

* Fields with grey checkboxes cannot be unchecked (they are necessary for the system to recognize the item in the database)

When adding a custom field, you can choose whether this field is required when a new item is added

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