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Generate serial datasets from forms
Generate serial datasets from forms

Learn how to set a form from which a serial dataset will be generated

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Using the forms-to-datasets functionality in Labguru, datasets can be created.

These can be of type - serial dataset, as we discuss in this article, or a table dataset (learn more about it here).

In a serial dataset - a new row will be added each time the relevant form element is used.

To create a form to be linked with a serial dataset you should:

A. Generate a protocol with a form element (learn more on this here).

B. Make sure to add fields names for each of your fields in the form. The fields' names will represent the column name in the dataset table.

C. After the form is built click on "Link with dataset".

D. A pop-up window appears for you to name the Dataset.

E. Once the link is created, you can start an experiment from the protocol and populate the dataset.

F. You can jump directly to the dataset, from the link next to the form in your experiment or protocol, or from the "Knowledgebase" Menu-> datasets.

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