The 'settings' option at the top of the form element will allow the protocol designer to choose how the form will behave when 'out of range' values are added in the experiment section. 

When you choose to build your form with a 'number only' input, there is an option to set maximum and minimum values to be entered:

Once the input was inserted within the form element, the option to define settings for adding out of range values is enabled in your experiment.

Click on the settings link --> choose from three different options given:

Option 1. Allow out of range values : Enter values under the min or over the max and save them. The values will be highlighted in red:

Option 2. Allow out of range values with a comment: The system let you add the values and you will be asked to enter the reason for the deviation:

Option 3. Don't allow out of range values: Entering such values in experiments, output an error notification letting you know that the form cannot be saved:

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