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How to Customize your Stocks

How-to guide on customizing stocks in a Labguru account

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A stock is the labguru entity of its corresponding inventory item that holds information regarding the physical characteristics of the item (such as location, condition, amount, lot number and so on).

When a stock is created, the user is free to fill relevant information in the appropriate default description fields existing for Stocks.

In addition, you can create and customize the stock description fields by adding the custom fields you need or adding stock types used in your lab (only available for admins).

  1. Go to the stock page under the 'Storage' module

  2. Click on the 3 dots and select Customize (available for admins only)

  3. On the Customize page, you can add custom fields to describe the stocks in your Labguru account or customize the Stock type list that describes the storage container of the stocks in your account

    1. Adding a custom field:

      • There is a wide range of field types you can choose from, such as regular text and numbers, URL, pre-defined list and so on

      • You can add a hint to describe the expected value of the field

      • You can choose whether this field will be required when new stock is added, or

      • You can choose the field to be a read-only (an un-editable field, except from the API)

    2. Customizing the stock type list:
      The system offers a built-in stock type list to describe your stock container type. The built-in stock type list is quite diverse and it offers stock types such as tube, vial, package, envelope and culture box.

      In cases where other kinds of containers are used to store the stocks in your account, admin users can easily edit the account stock type list and add additional types.

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