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Inventory Items and Stocks

Short explanation of what is a sample item and a stocks in Labguru

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Any item in your inventory collections is represented in Labguru by two entities: The inventory sample item and the Stock.
The inventory sample item holds all the information about the item or sample. Each item will be placed in a collection, and can be described using defaults descriptive fields like general Owner, Creation date or Commercial attributes.
If you wish, you can further customize your collections and add more unique fields to better describe your samples (can be done by admins members only).
The stock holds the information regarding the physical location and condition of every copy ย (or aliquot) of an inventory item. You can describe your stocks and their location in the lab. Stocks are connected to inventory items and can be set as available to use or as consumed. Stocks can be created from the inventory item's page, from box pages or by importing multiple stocks using Excel templates.

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