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Mark a Stock as Consumed

Stocks are consumed daily. With this feature you can mark your stocks as consumed and keep a record of them.

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In the Lab, stocks are frequently being used and consumed after performing experiments. Keep your stocks list updated with our "Mark as consumed" option that allows you to also save a record of the consumed stocks.

The consumed stocks will no longer be associated with any storage location or box, and won't be displayed in the "Stocks" page. All the information about the stock will be kept and accessible through the "Stocks" tab inside the inventory item's page.

How to mark stocks as consumed

You can mark stocks as consumed from several different pages:

  1. From the 'Stocks' tab in inventory item page 

After clicking on the icon of mark as consumed, a notification message appears

2. From the stocks index page

3. From the 'Samples' element within an experiment 

4.From the box page: you can mark an individual stock our select several and consume them in bulk

All the consumed stocks from all collections are accessibles from 'Stocks' page:

Stocks can be deleted permanently form the consumed stocks index page:

*Please note that they cannot be permanently deleted if were used in an experiment

The mark as consumed action is reversible - you can edit the consumed stock and bring it back to "life" by setting a new storage location.

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