Labguru allows to scan barcodes of your samples and equipment, including their physical location, and quickly add them to experiments.

Connect your barcode scanner

Connect any scanner or handheld device that will read barcode code 128 

How to add barcodes to Labguru

  1.  Manually - When editing or creating stocks/equipment, add the barcode number to the 'Barcode' field by scanning or typing it in.

 2. Using the import/update function of stocks 

Fill the number in the 'stock barcode' column in the stocks import template, when importing new entries or updating existing ones.

If the item doesn't have an existing barcode value the LabelWizard will generate one using the unique stock ID.

How to use barcodes in Labguru

1. Quickly add your samples to your new experiments using the sample basket. 

2. Add samples or stocks to an existing experiment, scanning your stocks barcode in the sample element 

3. Add equipment by scanning its barcode to the equipment element

In addition, use the LabelWizard to create coded labels for your stocks, plates and boxes

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