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Printing Labels in Labguru
Printing Labels in Labguru

Design and print your own labels with Labguru's Label Wizard

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Labels for stocks, plates, equipment, and boxes can easily be printed in Labguru using the Label Wizard, which supports printing labels with QR codes, 2D barcodes and DataMatrix codes carry your organization's logo.

How to print labels

1. Labels can be printed from stocks, plates, equipment, and boxes pages. On the desired object page click on 'Print label'.

* To print labels for multiple objects, check the boxes next to the desired objects and click on 'Print labels' in the list display.

2. In the 'Print Label' window use the arrows to select a label template and click on 'Print'.

3. A PDF window will open to finalize the printing process. Click on the printer icon at the top right corner of the screen.

4. Make sure your label printer is connected to your network. In the Print window, , select the printer in the 'Destination' field and click on 'Print'.

How to create and design label templates

Admin users can create as many custom templates as needed for the team to use. Templates can vary in size and content.

1. In the Label Wizard click on '+ Add template' at the top right corner of the window. You can also edit existing labels by clicking on the Edit icon at the top right corner of the template.

2. In the Edit Template window, enter a name for the template and set the label dimensions (in mm).

3. In the empty fields select what type of information will appear on the label by adding and naming the different fields.

4. At the bottom of the window add a code format (Barcode, QR code or DataMatrix) and the organization logo, if needed.

  • Organization logo can be added to the label if it was previously uploaded under account settings.

  • A QR code codes for the stock's page url and can help you quickly identify a stock using your mobile phone.

  • DataMatrix code for the stock ID only and suitable while issuing small labels for vial's lids and scanning them back to a Sample element in an experiment section or to the Sample Basket .

  • Barcodes allows you to add samples and equipment to your experiments quickly and easily.

5. Additional aspects of the template can be edited by clicking on 'Advanced setup' at the top right corner – Move and position the QR code and logo, choose font sizes, margins, and width:

Tested printers

Based on our testing, the following printers have been proven to successfully print labels: Zebra ZD400 and ZD600 series, RolloPrinters

Third-party hardware and labels are not directly supported or endorsed by Labguru. Any printer that can print from PDF should work.

Guru Tips:

In case you require rectangle + circle shape Thermal transfer or direct thermal labels, we tested labels for the ability to print and read the label correctly with the above-mentioned printers.

The Label wizard is a paid add-on tool, to enable this feature in your account, please contact support ([email protected]).

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