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How to integrate Geneious Prime with your Labguru account
How to integrate Geneious Prime with your Labguru account

If you work with Geneious Prime, now it's possible to link it with your Labguru inventory.

Written by Noa Kaplan
Updated over a week ago

We believe that all relevant research data sources should be easily connected to allow scientists using Labguru to conduct the smoothest, most efficient research. Enabling seamless data flow with Geneious Prime is another step in this long and important journey.

Labguru users who are into DNA design, sequencing, and analysis can now stream sequence data between Labguru and Geneious Prime using Geneious’ Open plugin architecture and Labguru’s open approach and architecture.

Streamlining sequence analysis and editing while simultaneously tracking and managing relevant stocks in one centralized system is now a reality.

There are two options that can be used by Labguru users:

1. A plasmids-submitting plugin:

This plugin will add a submit button to your Geneious Prime top bar. This, allows you to upload plasmids into Labguru plasmids collection simply by selecting the plasmid and submitting it.

This option requires you to authenticate with your user email address, password, and Labguru account number. To find the your account number go to Labguru->Settings->the account number will appear on the page URL. *Note that only admin users can access the account settings.

2. A listener plugin:

You can use this plugin to create a folder in Geneious Prime, and whenever a document is being added to this folder, it will be automatically synced with the inventory (plasmids collection) in your Labguru account.

This plugin uses the Workflow Editor Tool and allows you to further customize the connection between Labguru and Geneious Prime (it is an add-on feature).

Listener plugin vs. Plasmids-submitting

Plasmids-submitting plugin

Listener plugin

Requires authentication



Easy to customize



How to upload the plasmids to Labguru

Select the plasmids and click on the submit button

Drop the plasmids into the specified folder

Installation requirements


The Workflow Editor

To download the Plasmids-submitting/Listener plugins contact support ([email protected]).

How to install the plugins:

  1. Download the gplugin file (after contacting support - [email protected]).

  2. Go to Geneious Prime top bar and click on Tools -> plugins.

  3. The preferences window will open, make sure you are in the "Plugins and Features" tub.

  4. Next, click "Install plugin from gplugin file" select the gplugin file you downloaded and click install plugin -> Apply -> Save.

  5. Once the plugin has been successfully installed, restart Geneious Prime.

    • Submit plasmids plugin - You should then see a new button in the top bar.

    • Listener plugin - Create a folder with the name "Labguru Sync Folder" and add a plasmid to this folder.

You are all set, you can start adding the plasmids directly into your plasmids inventory collection!

When clicking "Submit to Labguru", you will see a pop-up window with the following fields to fill:

Labguru URL - when you are logged in to Labguru, what is the URL you see?
This can be,, or similar.

Email and password - your login email and password.

Account ID - you account ID, which you can find when going to the settings page and looking at the URL ( If you are not sure how to find it, reach out to [email protected] or through the chat.

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