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How to combine multiple data files into one dataset
How to combine multiple data files into one dataset

Combine easily and seamlessly data into dataset and draw insights

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Whether its experimental data, continuous process parameters, logbooks records, or a plate readout, the dataset feature allows you to continuously gather selected data in a structured manner.

Consolidating relevant data from various sources should be a seamless and natural process. With the Add to existing dataset function, externally sourced data can be incorporated into datasets, enhancing the flexibility of dataset editing and updating.

Before incorporating new data into an existing dataset, make sure that:

  • The data is in an XLSX-type file.

  • The first row contains the headers for all the columns

  • The Headers of columns are identical to the headers of the existing dataset you would like to join the new data into (not case sensitive).

Flow 1

  1. Navigate to an experiment

  2. Attach XLSX file

  3. Add the attachments as a dataset

  4. In the new pop-up, select from available compatible datasets

    • Please note that only datasets with identical headers will show up in the search

Flow 2

  1. Navigate to the specific dataset you would like to add more data into

  2. Press the 'Add to existing' button to import the XLSX file.

  3. Import desired XLSX file


  • The origin vector column will contain either the experiment name or the attachment name.

  • Incorporating more than one attachment with pre-existing datasets created from form elements is possible.

  • Removing rows added to the dataset from attachments can be done by deleting selected attachments from the experiment page or dataset page.

  • Refrain from having empty rows in the middle of the added file, as these would also be added to the dataset

Guru Tip

If you wish to join pre-existing attachments to an existing dataset from a page in Labguru that is signed or signed witnessed you have the option to download the attachment and use Flow #2 to add the data to desired dataset.

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