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Create and apply signature flows
Create and apply signature flows

Determine who can witness your experiments or create multistep signature process

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Different projects can have different requirements when it comes to who should be able to witness the experiments.

In order to address these project-specific signature requirements, and provide a tailored signature process for each project, we have developed a feature that allows the creation of custom-made signature flows. This feature broadens your ability to define who should witness experiments at the project level according to project requirements or enhance signature process by adding review steps and defining a suitable logic.

The witnessing step (mandatory) can be limited to either a particular member or a team (i.e. each member of the team is allowed to witness), it is recommended to set up or update your teams to fit the signature flows you wish to create. You can create various teams in order to capture different levels of organizational/divisional structures, or distinguish project-orientated teams from disciplinary groups.

Signature process flows

When a signature flow is applied to a project, only members that were defined in that flow will have the option to sign or witness all project-related experiments (even if their role does not include the 'Can witness' privilege).

This also guarantees that other members who do possess the ‘can witness’ permission will not be able to witness experiments that are out of their scope.

How to create a customized signature flow

  1. Go to the account settings page by clicking on the account name drop-down menu and choosing ‘settings’.

  2. Navigate to the "Signature process " tab and click on ‘Add new flow’ to open the signature 'Flow designer'.

    Account settings options

  3. In the ‘Name’ field, name the flow with an informative name that suggests its content or intended use.

  4. You can add steps to your signature flow or only define the witnessing step (mandatory)

  5. Select the required logic for the flow you are creating from the following options:

    • Only selected members and/or teams will be granted permission to witness experiments within a project

    • All members that are assigned to the project i.e., have viewing permission to the project, will be able to witness experiments within that project.

    You will be asked to define how many signatures you require at each step if you have added a step to the signature process.

  6. Once you’ve defined the flow, click on ‘Save’ to make it available for selection on the project page.

Default signature flow

'Default' signature flow represents the behavior where witnessing priviladge is granted to users by "Can witness" permission as part of their role. 'Default' signature flow content and name is non editable and is the flow set when creating a new project.

How to apply a custom flow to a project

Once a flow is defined, it can be later applied to a project via the ‘permission’ option found in under ‘More’ menu. To apply a customized signature flow, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the project page

  2. Click on the ‘More’ drop-down menu at the upper right side of the screen.

  3. Click on ‘Permissions’ and select the required flow from the list of existing flows.

  4. Save changes.

  5. All experiments within a project will be immediately subjected to the selected signature flow.

    More menu - project
    Set permissions - project

    Where can you see notification regarding signature process?

As part of the signature process, your dashboard will display how many experiments are awaiting signature. Clicking on the box will then redirect you to a page where filters can be applied.

Key Guru Points

  • A member cannot sign twice in a signature process.

  • Authorized members (admins and project owner) will be able to change the flow that was assigned to a project via the ’Permissions’ option under a project ’More’ menu.

  • The updated flow will only apply to unsigned experiments within the project.

  • Signature flows that have already been assigned to a project cannot be modified or deleted (only the flow name can be edited).

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