In a lab, manufacturing floor, or greenhouse, samples and stocks are constantly being created, used, aliquoted, thawed, and moved.

Labhandy App facilitates managing stocks from the palm of your hand, on the go with utilizing the features of mobile devices to accompany the natural flow of processes in your daily work. Manage stock with Labhandy's intuitive, fast and reliable feature. All actions are directed into your Labguru account.

Streamlining stocks updates is easy as scanning and selecting the desired action.

How to start?

  1. Log in into your Labhandy Beta app from your phone or tablet, (Android and iOS)

  2. Click on 'Manage stock' in app's home screen

3. Scan the Labguru data matrix label or barcode for the stocks you want to scan.

A numeric indication of stocks successfully scanned will appear at the bottom of the screen to help you keep track. Once all desired stocks has been scanned click the next button.

4. From the scanned stock list, select stocks that you want to apply the action to and use the menu below to do so:

  • Consume - results with a record of consumed stock, it will no longer be associated with a storage location. All information regarding stock's history will be kept and accessible through "Stocks" tab at inventory item in Labguru.

*The mark as consumed action is reversible - you can edit the consumed stock and bring it back to "life" by setting a new storage location (see move action)

  • Duplicate - enables creating more of the same stock from for an existing inventory item, once a stock is scanned you will have the option to add more of the same stock. New stocks created will inherit all required fields from the original stock duplicated except stock ID.

  • Mine - enables users to set themselves as the owner of a stocks and mark them

    as private if needed.

  • Move - enables alteration to storage location set. Storage location can be scanned or manually selected from options available in the account.

    As soon as an action is applied to a stock, it will be cleared from the list, additional way to clear the comprised scanned list is using the "Clear from list" option in the expanded list of options found under more menu (3 dots)

Manage stock feature requires label printing (label wizard) add-on set for your Labguru account

For more information, please contact our support.

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