In order to set up the service please contact support via the messenger or at [email protected]. To set up the SSO Labguru will provide the customer with an XML metadata file.

How to do the setup

  1. Create a new application for Labguru

  2. The entityID value from the metadata file should be added to the entityID field in your SSO service setup:

3. NameID format = email:

4. The fields Recipient, ACS (Consumer), URL Validator, URL, should get the value found under “Location” in the file.

5. In Onelogin in the field SAML nameID value choose “Email”, in Azure under “user attributes and claims” > Name = email and value =

Azure setup:

Setup in OCTA:

In exchange Labguru will require a metadata file (SAML metadata) with a description of the IDP (that supports SAML 2.0) that you can download after the attributes were set up as described above, with the following attributes:

  • EntityId

  • A valid self-signed X.509 certificate

  • Single Sign-On Service Endpoint

  • NameID format (from the SAML 2.0 supported options)

In addition we will need to know the initiation method (IDP-Initiated or SP-Initiated).

Once the functionality is enabled by Labguru, all users in the organization will be able to login using the SSO service.

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