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Backup your Labguru account by exporting your entire account's data

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An admin in the account can initiate the creation of an account export which includes most of the data in the Labguru account (except recipes, datasets and SOP's which can be exported separately)

To export your account:

Go to the account settings page

Click on the "Data Export" Tab

  • Click on "Create new export", the operation will be done in the background.

  • When done you will receive an email notification.

On the export tab in Labguru you will see links to download a zip file that contains your full account data. The file may be partitioned which means you will see a list of files in addition to the ZIP, z01,z02... for each 1 GB of used storage, there will be one file.

In large accounts, the list may contain a long list of files. In this case, it is possible to use a download manager to assist in this process.

  1. Install any download manager that can load a text list of files (i.e.

  2. Download the file list

  1. Load the file list into the download manager

Make sure all the files are in the same folder on your computer, and that they are all the same size and name as on the list in the app.

You can use an application such as 7zip, WinRar or others to extract the main ZIP file.

*NOTE: It may take several hours for export data email to be generated and sent to your email.

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