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File viewing in Labguru

How to view your attached files within any page in Labguru

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Labguru gives you the option to view certain files, like Microsoft Office files, pdf or images, you have attached to your experiments

Viewing and editing your files:

You can present the content of attached files using the option Add to page

To do so, hover on the attachment's box and choose 'Add to page'.

   1 - Excel files: This action will create a spreadsheet element in the section and import all the content of the Excel into that element. 

This allows you to see the data straight on the experiment page and offer basic editing options. Changes made in the spreadsheet will automatically update the attachment itself.

The spreadsheet element can also be exported to a .csv (excel compatible) file which will be attached below.

    2  PowerPoint files: Labguru simply create a PDF version of that PPT file, and present it using the in-app PDF viewer. 

    3 -Images attached to a section can be visible using this option if they were uploaded as attachments.

    4- PDF files, can be viewed using option add to page within an experiment section or be viewed in a separate window with Labguru's in-app PDF viewer.

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