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Organizing your research data
Organizing your research data
What is the best practice method on documenting your projects in Labguru
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The ELN in Labguru is organized in a hierarchical structure.Creating a project is the first step to describe your research. 


A project can be the main scientific question, it is your main scientific goal. Each project is composed by folders.


A folder is a milestone to achieve the main goal, it can be compared to a chapter in a scientific article.
You can add unlimited folders to a project and divided in sub folders as well.

Sub folders helps divide into sub steps those milestones that contain an extensive number of experiments. 

Folders and sub-folders are made of experiments which are the building blocks of your research.

The following figure, shows the structure of a project within Labguru.

Re-arrange the order of your folders for a better progression of your research, as well move them to different projects if needed.

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