Lets start by defining 'Projects'


The basis of the ELN module and the highest organizational level. Projects can be defined according to the user’s preference.

Use cases

The first step towards setting up your ELN structure efficiently is to define the projects according to your work routine.

We’ve gathered few use cases to help you choose the best fit for your organization:

Biotech Company

Each project can represent a department, such as QC, R&D, Upstream, Downstream, CMC, etc.

Each project will then be divided into folders by members or by the developed products.

Pharmaceutical Company

Each project can represent a product which will be divided into the groups that are involved in the product’s development and manufacturing processes.


Each project can represent a customer, divided into the provided services.

Alternatively, the project can be defined as a service, which will then be divided into the customers who purchased the service.


Each project can be personal project, such as a long-term personal project (e.g. PhD thesis) or a short-term personal project (a scientific manuscript). It can also be set up as a general project, in which each folder is assigned to a team member.

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