The UpFolder is great for automatically uploading documents from your lab instruments and computers to your Labguru account. You can create a folder on your computer and on an instrument's computer, and any files created or moved into this folder will be automatically uploaded to your account.

To download UpFolder to your computer

After installation, open the application and choose your Labguru server - If you are not a part of a private server, choose "Labguru". If you belong to one of the institutes in the list - please choose yours.

Now you will need to define the connection between UpFolder and Labguru: 

  • Local Up-Folders: Choose the folder/s you want to be synchronized with Labguru. It can be an already existing folder or a new one you create in the UpFolder app. 

  • Equipment: You can choose to attach the files that are being upload to a certain instrument in your "Equipment" page. All files in the folder would be uploaded automatically and will appear in the "Output Files" tab in the instrument's page (to learn more on how to register a new instrument - click here). This option is not mandatory and if left blank all the files will be uploaded as unattached images. You can see them in the image or the attachments bank, the link can be found on the dashboard.  

Important! The UpFolder app must be running before any files are moved to it's folders,

Now you can also login in UpFolder via token - learn how here!

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