Click on your account name at the middle of the upper header and select 'Billing' from the drop down menu:

You will get to the subscription info page. You can choose whether to set up a payment method (with credit card) or to request a quote.
At the bottom of the page you have the option to cancel your account. Click here to get more info about this process.

If you choose 'Set Payment Method' you will be directed to the billing page, where you can fill in your credit card details:

An automated charge for the respective period through the end of your current subscription will be processed.
If you click on the blue button 'Get a quote', a pop up window will open to enter the necessary info, and then hit on send:

You can also check extra Labguru's functionalities.

*Offline payments are subject to $100 handling and processing fees which may be waived by using an online payment (Credit Card)

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