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How to create general documents in the knowledge module
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Documents can be a very efficient tool for your group. Powered by the same engine as the experiments and the protocols module, documents is where you can add and write everything you need that is not straightforward research work.
It can be from grant drafts to cleaning duty rosters, phone directories, or guidelines for newcomers. 

Documents are accessible from the knowledge module:

The documents page works just like experiments: you can attach files, add inline images and tables. You can link the page to any other page in Labguru and of course, you can duplicate or print it.

In addition, you can set viewing permissions to have your draft documents as private, by choosing the 'Visible to' option

When sharing a document, the comments feature helps you interact with other colleagues, making internal communication more fluent.

When finished, you can sign the document to avoid further editing and archive it to keep an accessible record of it.

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