In Labguru, you can upload files of any format to any section of an experiment or protocol.
Office files and image format like jpg, png can be visualized within Labguru pages.

Upload relevant files for your research:

1. Attach any type of files to a section, click on the clipboard icon on the top left corner of the section:

A new element opens at the end of the section in which you can attach files either by dragging or browsing

The files will appear in the experiment page both in the section you have attached it to, and in the 'Attachments' box at the bottom of the page.
You can make the attached files visible within the section using the option "add to page" (available for images, PDF and office files) or select to download or delete them.

Now the files attached can also be edited locally, click here to learn more.

2. Images can also be added directly within the text element , simply by clicking on the picture icon of the text editing toolbar.

The following window opens, where you have the options to attach an image from a local folder, typing an URL or unattached images of your Labguru account. 

And… voilà! The image will appear inside your text box.

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