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How to Add and Lock a Member
How to Add and Lock a Member

Manage your account user, add new users and block the ones that left the lab.

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As an admin you can manage your Labguru team by adding new members and locking former ones.

Add a new member to your account

1. Go to the account's 'Members' page that can be found in the drop-down menu under the account's name.

2. In the members' page, you will see the 'Add new member' button if you have available seats.

3. Fill in the information about the new member, namely his/her name and e-mail address. Any field that you fill or leave blank, that member could later fill in and edit. The new member will receive an invitation to his mailbox, and after setting up a password would be able to start working.

Lock (remove) a member

1. Go to the 'Members' page under the account's name
2. Select the desired user and click on its picture or name to access the member's page.

3. Click on 'Lock User' to remove the member from your team.
โ€‹NOTE: Locked members do not disappear completely and can still be viewed under 'View former lab members' in the members' page.

Important - When locking a member, all data related to that member stays unchanged and will still be under the member's name. Locking a member do not change anything in the account's database, except in 'Members' page where the member moves from the main page into the list of former members. It's simply to prevent former users to logging in and to use her/his empty seat to add new members.

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