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How can I connect my data to samples in my inventory
How can I connect my data to samples in my inventory

Connecting results file to samples in the collections

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New to datasets? We suggest you will first go to this guide and learn more about what Datasets are.

Datasets allows you to connect the actual results from data files you attached to experiments to inventory items. When you add an attachment as a Dataset, Labguru will then scan the dataset and locate all inventory items that appear in it. It will then add the relevant data from the file (the row where item appears) and will display it in a new tab in the item's page (named 'Datasets'). This will give you a great overview of all the data that was collected in your lab on a specific item.

How does it work?

In order to make that happen you only need to follow these two simple rules when you attach a data file to an experiment:

  1. The first row in the attachment is the headers of the Dataset. Make sure that if one of the columns includes names of items from your inventory, you name the header of that column the same as the collection in your inventory module.

  2. Naming the items. The names should be exactly as they are written in the collection. 

Once you have attached a file in the correct way, for each item that appears in the data file, a new entry will appear in the 'Datasets' tab in the item's page, as shown in the image below:

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