In the lab, we store stocks of all types, tubes, vials, package...,  in boxes, that are stored at the same time in a designated storage location.

In Labguru a "box” can be designed according to the users needs, from a regular 9x9 cold box to a stand of 50ml conical tubes, stored in liquid nitrogen or on a shelf at room temperature. Labguru can cater to any format!

Create the perfect box:

1. Access the 'boxes' tab from the "Storage" module:

2. Click on add New Box 

3. Design your box, decide its size, color and location.

  • Name and number of boxes to create are required fields

  • Choose the dimensions (rows X columns) 

  • Choose a color from the options of the drop-down menu

  • Add a content type. The types correspond to your existing inventory collections. A general box can hold any type of stocks from any collection

  • Check the 'Private box' if you want only the box owner to be able to use this box.

  • Select the storage location of the box.

  • Click on 'Save'.

TIP - Make sure that the 'Content Type' field is filled correctly. Labguru will then know to offer you this box when adding new relevant stocks to the account.

      - You can change the box status from private to public, and vice versa, by selecting or removing the checkbox 'private box'.
Important: If you have public stocks inside the private box, they still can be edited, consumed or relocated by others. To change that go to the stocks and edit their permissions.

Box can be also created by using the import tool, where you can also select which storage location do you want them to be. The new boxes created will have general as content type. 

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