Samples are continuously experiencing changes,  making it harder to constantly keep them up to date.
Labguru allows you to bulk-update your sample collection using the export collection file and allowing to  re-import after editing. The system will automatically recognize the changes made and apply them to the relevant collection samples.

How to update your collection samples:

1. Perform a full collection or export the selected items you wish to update

2. Or you can choose to export only the items you wish to update.

3. After you receive your export file by email, open it and start editing. Deleting data from cells will not delete the data from your collection after re-importing. The system will change only when he noticed the data was changed to something new.

4. Go back to your collection and click on 'Import/Update'

5. Upload the edited file and wait for the email confirmation that the upload was successful. If it wasn't, click on the link and see the upload summary with details on what went wrong.

Be aware that:

  • several fields, such as "storage location", are comprised of a pre-define list. For these, you must select and entry from the available pre-defined drop-down menu.

  • Any field defined as required must be populated 

  • Large exports (over 10,000 items) are created as csv files and cannot be used directly for updating. In order to update, download an empty import template and copy the data from the csv to it.

* It is recommended to update your current inventory list using the export file. The export file already includes system ID's so all you have to do is edit the fields you wish to update and re-import it.

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