Handling samples is a daily challenge for laboratories. The amount of aliquots produced and manipulated per day can be overwhelming when it comes to organize them. 

Setting up your bio-collections with Labguru's inventory module, helps you to manage your samples efficiently with the collaboration of all the team members.

First, account admins need to customize the inventory module according to the lab needs:

  1. Click on "New collections & settings" under the "Inventory" tab:

2. Manage your inventory list, select or remove collections from the default list Labguru offers, and create new custom-made:

The list of the default collections is: Antibodies, Bacteria, Botany (plants, seeds and crosses), Cell Lines, Flies, Fungi, Genes, Lipids, Plasmids, Primers, Proteins, Rodents (strains, specimen, cages, treatments), Sequences, Tissues, Viruses, Worms, Yeasts, Zebrafish, Compounds.

Once you have the list of your collections, you can start populating them.

Learn more about how to populate your collections here.

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