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The e-Notebook (ELN) - The Heart of Your Work
The e-Notebook (ELN) - The Heart of Your Work

The ELN module in Labguru is the pillar of your research - Create your projects, organize your experiments and more.

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Our e-Notebook is the place to start building your research projects so that you can see the whole picture, link between entities, results, plans for the futures, thoughts and experiments.
The e-Notebook module is very flexible. Decide what topic best represents your Project, divide it into Folders, Sub-Folders and start your Experiments. Start populating the e-Notebook module, get the full summary and progress of your projects.
Don't worry if mistakes are made in the project's progression, re-arrange the order of your Folders as well as edit or delete data as you work.

To guide you on the organization of your ELN, find the following links:

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