Labguru's improved 'Local edit' tool changes the way files are edited and documented in Labguru.
All types of files can be opened directly from Labguru!*

How does it work?
Download the app and then open it on your computer.
The app’s ‘Erlenmeyer flask’ icon will appear on your computer’s toolbar and a new Labguru tab will open (in your default browser).

By clicking on the 'Local edit' button, open files that were uploaded to Labguru for editing directly from Labguru.

NOTE: All changes that were made while editing will be automatically saved in Labguru.
To enable local editing, the app downloads the edited files to a folder named ‘UpFolder’ in your local downloads library. To allow the app to work properly, please don’t delete the files from this folder.
If you accidentally do delete files from this folder, reloading the app will resync the folder with the app.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you only have one file open for editing. Editing several files at the same time might result in data loss.
What is it good for?
The ability to open and edit files from Labguru makes it extremely easy to work on experimental data while keeping it organised in Labguru. When using this feature there is no need to leave Labguru to open a file (Office file, instrument file, etc.), edit data and then upload it back to the system. The process is now seamless and more efficient.

How can I start?
Download the the new 'Easy edit' app for Windows (we support Edge and Chrome)
Download the new 'Easy edit' app for Mac

*To open the files make sure you have the relevant software for opening them installed on your computer.

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