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Copy Sections – Easy and Convenient Way to Copy Sections in the ELN
Copy Sections – Easy and Convenient Way to Copy Sections in the ELN
The new “copy sections to” option allows to copy one or more sections directly from your current page, and saves time while using the ELN
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“Copy sections to” – A way to copy sections efficiently and conveniently.

Rather than manually copying and pasting sections from either an experiment, protocol or report to another, learn how to easily select and copy desired sections in one click.

How to copy your sections:

In the “More” menu in the experiment/protocol/report/ page you can find the “copy sections to”:

Upon selecting the desired option, a new window will appear, allowing you multiple sections to copy:

These sections can then be added to your current experiment, an existing experiment, a report, or alternatively to a new experiment page. The section will be copied as-is along with any attachments into the selected page.

You can also select the specific sections to be duplicated. For instance, by selecting the "copy to" button presented in the toolbar, the results section can be designated for copying:

Subsequently, a new window will appear, allowing you to choose where to copy this section:

Selecting the "copy here" option will create a duplication of the chosen section within the current page being worked on. Opting for either the "copy to experiment" or "copy to report" will trigger the unveiling of a dropdown menu, featuring all available experiments. Alternatively, you may simply type in the name of the experiment to copy sections to an existing experiment:

Note: Any alterations made to the original data will not be synchronized with the duplicated ones.

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