In the lab, boxes are used to store all kinds of stocks: tubes, vials, packages, and so on. In many cases, a box and its stocks belong to a specific project or purpose and are being used by a specific member or a team.

In Labguru, you can set up permissions for a box and its contained stocks for selected members and teams. Only users granted box permissions will be allowed to store stocks in that box, edit or delete the box and edit or use the stocks in the box.

How to set up box permissions:

From the box show page click on the 'Editable by' button, and select the required members to grant box permissions to.

Box and it contained stocks privacy:

The box permissions settings will determine the box status to be public or private.

  • Public box- a box with permissions granted to all account members.

  • Private box- a box with permissions granted to only several account members.

Since the box permission applies to its contained stocks, it determines the stocks' privacy level as well:

  • Stocks located in a public box are public stocks and can be used by all members.

  • Stocks located in a private box are private stocks and can be used only by authorized teams or members.

Therefore, privacy settings of stocks located in a box cannot be edited for the stock alone. Stocks located in a box can have their privacy defined by the permissions settings.

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