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How to manage efficiently equipment calendar
How to manage efficiently equipment calendar

A detailed explanation of how to prevent the creation of concurrent events in the equipment calendar

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Admin users have the option to prevent the scheduling of simultaneous events for equipment. In this way, equipment booking will not overlap and it will be used properly and efficiently

The option can be turned on by admin users from the account settings, under the 'General' tab.

This setting will affect all instruments in the account.

When the option is turned on:

If you try to schedule an equipment event at a time the equipment already has another event, you will receive an error message and the event will not be created.

This option will prevent the overlapping of all kinds of equipment events- hourly, daily, and even repeated events. For example, if you try to schedule a repeated event, and even one of the repeats overlaps with another scheduled equipment event, the event will not be created.

Note: If an account is part of a department, this option must be enabled in all department accounts for this feature to work properly.

Click here for more information.

For more information on equipment events, you can visit here.

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