Digitize notes with a single click, transform handwritten table data into digital information, capture actions from anywhere. Share or upload your data to your ELN account for a streamlined documentation process.

Login to Labhandy app using your Labguru credentials and the specific domain extension for your company (if you have one).

Each of the buttons on Labhandy's home page reveals one of three main functions

  • Manage stock - allows you to capture actions on the move from anywhere

    scan and do!

    Labhandy makes updating scanned stocks and tracking their location, usage, and ownership easier with the convenience of mobile devices.

  • Scan to ELN - transform handwritten table data, captured while working on the bench, into digital information. Share or upload your data to your account for a streamlined documentation process. Maintain data integrity, keep your information safe and avoid human errors with Labhandy.

  • Protocols - An easy-to-use, responsive design streamlines documentation.
    Centralizing protocols for users to access quickly including forms and activities.

    All collected data is seamlessly directed to your Labguru account.

Look for Labhandy in the App stores

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