In this article we will try to break down our recommended onboarding steps.

  1. First, Make sure you are able to login to your account (workspace) successfully (in case of private server log in via the relevant url).

  2. Since different members can be assigned different roles and privileges, setting those up is your next step. You can set up different permission levels for each module. Follow the steps here.

  3. Now it's time to invite your team members.

  4. Before moving on to set up your ELN structure, make sure you are familiar with LabGuru terminology.

  5. Now that you are familiar with the terminology, you can set up your projects and create template protocols to be executed as experiments.

  6. Next, set up your inventory & storage so you can keep track of your stock status and its location.

  7. Expand your knowledge to make the most of the system.

    Use the Help Desk to read articles and watch webinars and tutorials.

  8. Use the Support chat at the bottom right side of each page to ask us questions and share feedback from users.

    Good luck!

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