• A new trigger was added: "External". Trigger the flow by creating a POST request to a specific API endpoint. You can send parameters/files and they will be available as variables

  • You can now add an attachment to the mail step

  • With the flow logger, you can now navigate between pages and filter by success runs.

  • A new "Exceptions" tab was added to the Workflow homepage: You can now view all flows that ended with errors or exceptions.

  • Exceptions and errors will appear in red on the flow log, as well as the specific line number which the exception/error occurred on

  • More options were added to the condition steps such as exists?/empty? between, and more numerical conditions

  • Each scripter step now has a cache option. Selecting the cache option will allow you to accelerate the step. The step cache available only for 1000 seconds

  • Added Scripter version 2 (v2) now supports Python 3.9. Scripter v1 is still available for existing steps still.


  • Code Templates are now available, Code Templates are methods injected to the Lab Scripter, to all its instances before the code runs.

You can now receive email notifications of flows exceptions. To set this up, click on Workflows->Exceptions->setting.


  • LabScripter: You can now use LabguruPython in the scripter.

  • New Step: Add attachment to section. You can attach files to a specific section of an experiment using this step.

  • New Step: Mark task as completed


  • We have added an entirely new design.

  • There are new trigger icons.

  • Restore flows versions. With this new feature, you can check all flow versions and decide whether to restore or create a new flow based on a particular version.

  • Send files to the External trigger.

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