• A new trigger was added: "External". Trigger the flow by creating a POST request to a specific API endpoint. You can send parameters/files and they will be available as variables

  • You can now add an attachment to the mail step

  • With the flow logger, you can now navigate between pages and filter by success runs.

  • A new "Exceptions" tab was added to the Workflow homepage: You can now view all flows that ended with errors or exceptions.

  • Exceptions and errors will appear in red on the flow log, as well as the specific line number which the exception/error occurred on

  • More options were added to the condition steps such as exists?/empty? between, and more numerical conditions

  • Each scripter step now has a cache option. Selecting the cache option will allow you to accelerate the step. The step cache available only for 1000 seconds

  • Added Scripter version 2 (v2) now supports Python 3.9. Scripter v1 is still available for existing steps still.


  • Code Templates are now available, Code Templates are methods injected to the Lab Scripter, to all its instances before the code runs.

  • You can now receive email notifications of flows exceptions. To set this up, click on Workflows->Exceptions->setting.

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