Experiment Editing Permissions

How to grant team members experiment editing permissions

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An experiment inherits default editing permissions from a project or folder, and admins and experiment owners can also grant or remove editing permissions to other project members or teams.

When creating an experiment, you become the owner. By default, only the owner, admin and editors set at project/folder level can edit the experiment.

Members that have viewing permissions in the project can view/duplicate the experiment and write comments in the discussion section. They do not have editing permissions.

When entering the experiment, they will see the following message at the top of the screen:

Under the experiment name, you can see the owner and users who can edit the experiment:

Assigning experiment editing permissions

1. On the experiment page, click on More and select Permissions

2. In the Set editing permissions window select, from the list of members, the specific users or teams you wish to grant editing permissions to.
The list of members includes all the users who have access to the project to which that experiment belongs.

3. Click Save.

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