Aliquoting stocks

Manage the sub-stocks that you create from an original stock

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You can now aliquot your stocks into new stocks to better manage and record your laboratory samples.

Every stock can be aliquoted into several aliquots.

To start, go to the stock's page and click on "Add aliquot":

First, a pop up window will open up to set the aliquoting information:

  1. How much to aliquot - You can select the amount to aliquot from the original stock, the default is the whole stock amount. Note: You can also keep this field on zero to create volume-less aliqouts.

  2. Number of aliquots/final amount per aliquot (Fill one, and the other will be calculated automatically)

  3. Should the action consume the original stock? Click the button if the answer is yes.

Next, you will be directed to select the location for the new aliquots. You can select a box or a storage location:

If a box is selected - you will need to select the positions in the box. Note: You will be able to continue only after selectin the same amount of box positions as the number of aliquots to be created:

In the last screen, you will be able to fill in more information for the newly created aliquots:

All the aliquots will be under the aliquots tab in the stock info page:

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