It is possible to add text elements to section via the "Add text" button

In addition to the basic text editing options such as font family, style, size and color

there are some additional options detailed below.

Insert image allows to add inline images of various formats.

Added images can be edited by clicking on them, it is possible to resize, change their alignment, make them links, replace or delete them. The annotation tool allows to crop images, add text and drawings on them. Note that this will change only the presented image, the original image can be downloaded on the bottom of the page using the "download all" in the attachments box.

Insert link allows to add a URL as an added text or link an existing word to a URL by selecting it first and then clicking add link.

Insert video link - Easily insert videos by URL. The rich text editor automatically parses YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo and Daily Motion video links.

Insert table - Text tables can be added to text section, after the table has been added click in a cell to see table option. Using "Table headers" a new row will be added on top for column headers with specific formatting. Some table styles can be applied, cells can be split vertically or horizontally or merged under the "Cells" button, background color can be changed.

Tip to copy a text table you need to start the selection from one line above the table > select all of it > copy

If the cursor is placed on the beginning of a new row a quick insert + button appears. It allows to add some of the elements directly to the row in addition there is a time-stamp option.

General tip

  • When pasting text from external sources consider pasting as plain text to avoid pasting unrecognized symbols/formats.

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