When you finished working on your experiment you can sign it, by clicking on the "Sign" button at the upper part of your Experiment page.

A window will open with the option to add a comment to other users.

Click "Sign" to continue.

Then, you will need to enter your user name and password to confirm the signature. Click "Confirm" to sign.

When the experiment is signed, a timestamp will be added upder the experimet name.

Signed experiments cannot be edited. Comments can still be written in the discussion thread.

The signature can be reverted, making the experiment editable again.

To revert the signature, click on "Revert signature" at the upper part of the experiment page.

In the opened window with your email and password, click "Confirm" to revert the signature.

If single sign-on is enabled for your account, all signatures will be done by clicking on the confirm button without the login credentials.

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