There are a couple of ways to find the page you are looking for:

1. Experiments index page (e-Notebook > experiments)

  1. Each column can be filtered or sorted separately. Use the search bar for each to filter the list by that value. Number of filters can be applied together to have a more specific filtering.

  2. Using the funnel icon it is possible to set the search setting, depending on the field type. For the name column for example it is possible to search within the name (the default), the exact phrase and more.

  3. If you don't see all the columns on the page you can customize the list view. Choose the columns you want to displayed on page. Re-size and re-order the columns as desired. Your settings will be automatically saved for future visits, allowing you to create your own preferred display for the page.

2. Global Search engine

The Global Search, located on the top right of every Labguru page, is the most complete and powerful search tool of the app. All the data in the account can be found with it, including experiment names and content. Even text within attachments (PDF or any attachment with text) that were added to a page.

It is possible to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to get more accurate results.
For example, search for "method" AND "RNA" will output results to Labguru entries containing the two keywords.

Furthermore, within your search results you can filter the hits by specifying the category. For example, clicking on 'Experiments' category will filter the results list to show results from experiment pages only.
Under each result you can find more more information like the page creation date and the exact location where you can term was found.

NOTE: if you have more than one page of results the category filters will only affect the current page.

Other methods that can be used - filter by tag, browse the project page

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