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Assembling Dashboards
Assembling Dashboards

How to create and share Dashboards

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Dashboards are assembled from existing queries.
To create a new Dashboard click on the Dashboards category and then click on "New Dashboard".

On the Dashboard's editing page you can start from adding description and tags to your Dashboard (1).

To add new queries to the Dashboard, browse the list under "New Query Gallery" and click the + icon to add the desired query to the Dashboard (2).
After adding the visualized queries of your choice, you can reposition them to customize the order of queries results on your Dashboard page.

After all the queries were added and positioned you can share the dashboard (3).

The first option is to publish the Dashboard to your Labguru workspace. This will allow all Labguru users in your account to view the dashboard on the homepage (Dashboard tab).

You can also generate a unique wallboard link and share it to any external display.

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